How to choose shelter for ice fishing

When it comes to ice fishing shelters, choosing good product to buy is no easy feat. Market is crowded with no-name low quality brand products, especially the online marketplaces. That’s why i decided to write this tutorial – to help you find good ice fishing tent to use on your adventures, without the fear of freezing to death.

 First things first, we should compare the brands. I will mention only few brands here, and take it as a sign of legitimacy – only the brands i’ve mentioned here are considered okay in ice fishing industry. You can ignore the rest. If anything changes, i’ll update the article.


 So now let’s get to the point – most popular ice fishing shelter brands are – Frabill, Clam, Eskimo, Otter. In my opinion, Frabill and Eskimo are the best of them all. I especially like Frabill’s quality. I’ve had few of their shelters and i’ve never experienced any troubles regarding insulation or quality of the materials. Their ice fishing shanties are solidly built and are designed to be properly insulated. Sometimes, when i’m in the shelter and there’s sun outside, i even take my shirt off and conduct my ice fishing like that. Eskimo is also good, because their products are well-rated by most trusted reviewers and customers. They are also quite innovative, coming out with different designs for improved insulation and portability all the time. Otter and Clam are decent too, but i’ve had little experience with them, so you’ll have to conduct your own research on them. Overall, they are known to be quality brands making trustworthy ice fishing-related products.

 Price for most ice fishing shelters depends on their size and type. There are few different types of them, most popular being – pop-up ice shelters and flipover ones. Pop up ice shelters usually tend to be made for large group of people – sometimes up to six. Flip-over shelters, on the other hand, are usually made for one or two at most. They’re also much simpler to set up.

 Prices vary depending on the size of shelters as well. You can find one to two person new ice fishing shelters for about two hundred dollars. There are of course some that are cheaper but quality brands cost somewhere in that range.

 If you’re limited on budget, you could always rent one, but i believe that to be waste of money. For people with limited budgets, it’s much smarter to just look out for good bargains on used ice fishing shelters online. People sometimes are looking to get rid of their ice fishing stuff, and you can snatch up excellent piece of ice fishing gear for half or even one-third of a price. That’s how i got mine. Garage sales are also worth checking out, but i think they take too much time.

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