Ice fishing clothes – which is most important?

Buying high quality clothing is a must when you’re preparing for ice fishing trip. In some states temperatures drop very low, and without proper boots, clothing and gloves, being on the lake can be very dangerous. Gloves are especially important, because they protect your fingers from exposure to freezing cold temperatures. There are few things you need to keep in mind when you’re buying ice fishing gloves, which we’ll discuss shortly. If you don’t live in particularly cold areas, you will probably be fine without special gloves, but good ice fishing gloves only cost around fifty dollars, so unless you’re on very tight budget, it’s worth the investment.

  As i mentioned, prices for quality ice fishing gloves can be as low as fifty dollars. Of course, there are more premium models, but you won’t need those gloves in US, except for Alaska perhaps. There are number of ways to save on ice fishing gloves – for once, you can shop for used gloves on craigslist or eBay. Due to the low prices of new gloves, not many people buy or sell them used, but it’s still worth the look. Maybe you could get lucky.

 Ice fishing mittens are worth considering as well. If you do not know what’s the difference between mittens and gloves – to put it simply, mittens have one compartment for your thumbs and one more for the rest of your fingers. While Gloves usually have one compartment for each. That makes mittens bulky and not useful. You need maximum dexterity for ice fishing. There are many minor tasks that you need to perform, and constricting mittens will get in the way of that, even though sometimes they might be warmer or more comfortable. In my opinion though, the best course of action is to have both – mittens and ice fishing gloves, and switch between them as needed. That way, you can use both and use each’s benefits to your advantage.

   It goes without saying that gloves that you use for ice fishing must also be waterproof and very warm. In freezing cold weather, you need to avoid getting exposed to moisture at all costs. To find gloves that fit all these requirements, you’re going to need help. You can either do research manually by yourself, or read this tutorial about choosing ice fishing gloves.

Using shelter to protect yourself from extreme cold is also an option. With good enough insulation and portable heater, you might not even need to wear gloves. Big disadvantage of using shelters is the upfront investment cost. Shelters, unlike gloves, are rather expensive. Still, you might have a friend who has a shelter anyway, or you might be able to find good bargain on craigslist.  That’s the best you can do to protect yourself from freezing cold.


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